Secreto de Viu Manent

SECRETO: From the Latin secretus. Hidden, that which is not revealed. One of the most difficult yet essential aspects of an art form. / Viu Manent asked Chilean artist Catalina Abbott to interpret this concept in our 6 Secreto labels.

Secreto de Viu Manent

Our “Secreto” range of wines has a closely guarded secret related to land, proportions, and balance. Art and terroir have come together to create these wines in which the varieties have much to express.

The result is a line of blended wines made with a primary varietal component that is recognized and indicated on the label complemented by a closely guarded “secret blend” of up to 15% in each of these.
Most of our Secretos are made with grapes from young vineyards, which helps create a fresh and fruity style.

Download Secreto Wines video: Secreto de Viu Manent wines presentation

* For the UE market, Secreto de Viu Manent range is named as Secret de Viu Manent.