El Incidente

19:15, April 8, 2006, Viu Manent Winery, Colchagua Valley, Chile. The beautiful view of the vineyards from the calm stillness of the air was breathtaking, and even the incident was worth it just for the experience.

El Incidente

El Incidente is Viu Manent’s wager on Carmenere, now considered to be Chile’s emblematic variety. Although it disappeared from the Old World after the phylloxera attack in the mid-19th century, it was rediscovered, rather by accident, in Chile in the early 1990s.

“El Incidente” is named after the now-legendary balloon flight I took with some friends over our Colchagua vineyards. The trip ended unexpectedly when we landed in the middle of an open air market in the town of Santa Cruz”,  José Miguel Viu.

The Incident is graphically portrayed and explained on the label.

The first vintage of El Incidente is 2007. The wine is based on Carmenere (approximately 85%), with a bit of Petit Verdot and Malbec included in the blend for complexity and greater freshness on the palate.
This  Icon wine  has all the spicy characteristics of Carmenere, and present  flavors of blueberry jam, chocolate, and mocha stand out on the palate for a complex and refined profile. It was aged in French oak barrels for 21 months and bottled on March 31, 2009.