Vive la vENDIMIA

Harvest Experience

During the harvest season we offer an entertaining program that allows wine lovers to participate in the harvest. The dates are set and must be reserved in advance to help harvest grapes in one of the blocks of our San Carlos Vineyard, one of Viu Manent’s three vineyards in Colchagua.

The group and a bilingual guide will be transported to the vineyard in a horse-drawn carriage or a tractor pulled by a wagon to the spot where they will pick the grapes. Viu Manent’s vineyard manager will receive the “workers” at the site and explain their assignments.

The group will later visit the wine cellar to learn about the vinification process and taste a wine in progress.

The activity continues in the La Llavería Visitors’ Center with a guided tour of the Malbec Museum before a visit to the wine and handcrafts shops.

The day will end with appetizers in the garden at La Llavería and a country lunch in the Don Miguel wine cellar with house wines.

Calendar 2016: Saturdays April 02, 09 & 16th.

Duration: 5.5 hours, from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Capacity: 15–30 people

Includes: Apron, refreshments, group photo, appetizers, and country lunch. Transportation included.

Price: $55.000 CLP.